Ricky Hatton training Worn Lonsdale sparring 10 oz pair of Gloves


Worn gloves of Ricky Hatton unique piece of memorabilia

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These gloves are an amazing piece of history they accompanied Ricky for many years of his career through many training camps inc the Mayweather fight 2007 you can see Ricky training in them in an episode of  Mayweather / Hatton 24/7  then there is the book that comes with the gloves which is also signed by Ricky there is many photos of Ricky wearing the gloves in the ring inside the book and also posing on the front cover in them they are very well-worn as pictures indicated making this item even more valuable it is very rare for a fighter to wear gloves so many times in this day and age but Ricky must have had a very good feel when sparring and training in these a fantastic one-off item that is worthy of any boxing collection comes complete with certificate of authenticity and displayed in a fantastic case with appropriate images inserted.


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