Floyd Mayweathers Fight Worn Hand Wrap v Carlos Rios February 17th 1999 Grand Rapids Michigan

Fight worn hand wrap from Floyd vs Rios Grand Rapids Michigan signed


This category is our most prestigious these items are complete one-off items you will never find them anywhere.They have been worn in the ring on fight night making them part of boxing history please enjoy seeing our exclusive items up close with many detailed photos.It has taken many years to bring all these iconic items together that have been worn all round the world at major boxing events by the biggest names to grace the squared circle. Our close relationships in the boxing world has given us this pleasure to bring to you a very unique category that many websites can not provide. This is one of floods actual hand wraps worn on fight night by Floyd Mayweather jr v Carlos Rios in Grand Rapids Michigan . As many  Floyd Mayweather collectors are aware there is almost no fight worn items in circulation anywhere in the world as Floyd himself has kept the majority of them so making any that are available very valuable. Floyd went on to win the fight making it his  20th victory and retaining for the 2nd time his  WBC super featherweight champion of the world .Please click on the link below to see Floyd in action during the fight if you watch to the very end you will clearly see Floyd remove his hand wraps and throw in to the crowd of his home town of grand rapids Michigan .  17th February 1999 .The hand wrap was captured by a lucky reporter near ringside who later with his media access went to the changing rooms were Floyd signed it and inscribed “99” & his uncle Jeff Maywesather plus his then promotor Bob Arum making this one off item even moire unique. One day maybe the other hand wrap will arise possibly in the USA hopefully it has been as well preserved and looked after like this one not knowing then that Floyd would become TBE.  This item is NOT for sale.


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