Floyd Mayweather signed deluxe boxing glove in frame inc C.O.A


This is a very rare replica designer style boxing glove signed by Floyd Mayweather jr London 2020 framed to a very high standard


This item was signed by Floyd Mayweather on March 2020 in the Harrods Aviation Suite, London just before he boarded his private jet back to Las Vegas Nevada. Every item Floyd Mayweather signed was relaxed and not rushed so every signature is perfect and very clear on every chosen item. We took many photos so please view our gallery to see photo proof and videos from our various signings. All items are replica of what Floyd wears on fight nights or items that are iconic to Floyd’s extravagant life. There is a big selection as Floyd undoubtably had one of the best fight outfit collection of any boxer ever. All pieces are made to a high quality as is the framing on every single item if you purchase framed. Inside the frames are iconic images of Floyd from his exceptional unbeaten career and some also have mini ticket features to compliment the glove, shorts, boot, etc that was worn. Also accompanying every signed item is a certificate of authenticity.


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