Floyd Mayweather Fight Worn “Pretty Boy” Trunks & Robe from 3 Different Fights

Floyd may weather worn outfit from 3 separate fights extremely rare item


This category is our most prestigious these items are complete one-off items you will never find them anywhere.They have been worn in the ring on fight night making them part of boxing history please enjoy seeing our exclusive items up close with many detailed photos.It has taken many years to bring all these iconic items together that have been worn all round the world at major boxing events by the biggest names to grace the squared circle. Our close relationships in the boxing world has given us this pleasure to bring to you a very unique category that many websites can not provide. This is the outfit  worn by Floyd for 3 different fights making this an extremely valuable item the 3 professional fights that Floyd wore the outfit was as follows.

Angelo Nunez 20th November 1997

Sam Girard 28th February 1998

Tony Pep 14th June 1998


This outfit has been framed to an extremely high standard with photos from all the relevant fights inserted this is a real piece of boxing history that’s value is only going to increase in the future. Floyd happily signed and passed with the outfit in London in 2017 in his hotel suit this item is NOT for sale.


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